Making the Simple Complex

Through the Ages theologians and philosophers have created systemic models hoping to find spiritual truth.  In nearly every instance the complexity and fantastic nature of the ensuing constructs actually established barriers between the created and the Creator.  Those embarking on a spiritual journey had to shift their focus from the destination to the navigation through self-imposed rules, strictures, and rituals.  As people worked to understand the processes and practices deemed essential by those designated as spiritual leaders, they became enthralled with the practice and lost sight of the purpose.  Over time religion became the goal and relationship with the Creator became an afterthought. 

In contrast, during the pursuit of physical truth, scientists and scholars have applied the power of simplicity.  An example is found in Occam’s Razor.  A tested truism from the 14th century that states:  “The simplest explanation tends to be correct.”  Applying this postulate to the pursuit of the Divine, and looking through the texts and tenants of the world’s great religions, we find a source of blazing simplicity.  We find a truth that cuts through the fog of religion; through the mire of pomposity.  We hear the clarion call that resonates with our soul.  We sense that still small voice saying:  “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  We find our spiritual razor.